Surface treatments

The activity of the workshop includes 3 technological processes:
– Zn-alkaline coating
This ensures a superior quality to the galvanized parts, both in terms of layer deposition and in terms of corrosion resistance, tested in our own salt mist installation.
The thickness of the zinc layer can vary between 5 µm and 25 µm, depending on the requirements.

– Zn-Ni alkaline coating

Zinc-nickel alloys offer the highest corrosion protection against red rust, even after heat treatment of parts, up to 720 hours (with passivation) and up to 1000 hours (with super-passivation), so they meet the highest standards of the automotive industry.
The thickness of the zinc layer can vary between 8 µm and 12 µm, depending on the requirements.

– coating by the browning process
After applying this browning process at ambient temperature (Blackfast), the browned parts acquire a black, semi-gloss color, with a special commercial appearance and sufficient anti-corrosion resistance to keep the piece in normal storage and use conditions.

Chemicals and preparations comply with the latest European chemical standards (Regulation 1907/2006-REACH) and automotive standards (ELV DIRECTIVE 2000/53 / EC).